Welcome to this tribe of Spinners and Weavers…

Spell weavers, word weavers, weavers of cloth, magic and spider silk. Our foremothers, our guides. Grandmother Spider, Las Tres Osas – the Three Old Re-Weavers of Torn Lives, the Moirai, frau Holda and frau Berchta, the Nornir, Frigg, Athena and Arachne – all spinners and weavers of more than just mundane threads.

Weaving begins with spinning. Once the fibers are spun into thread, they must be woven into cloth for their fullest gifts to be realized.

So, whatever is is you spin, come sit close around this fire, make yourself comfortable and learn with me how to weave our spinning into webs of magic and wonder.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to this tribe of Spinners and Weavers…

    • Hi Laura!!! I’m so glad to see your lovely self over here. ^____^ And thank you, I’ve been feeling inspired but have been having a hard time putting it into words until tonight.❤


    • Thanks! ^_^
      I’m going to keep up my old blog, but I won’t be posting there any more. Not dropping it so much as laying it to rest. I was having such a hard time blogging there anymore, I think in part because I didn’t feel connected to it like I used to – I felt like that blog belonged to someone slightly different than I am now. ^_^❤
      But I don't want to just delete it or let it fall away or ignore it and have someone hack into it and turn it into an awful, spammy thing… lolz.


    • Hi Shelle! I’ve seen some of the lovely paintings you’ve spun for various things Magaly has posted up on her site and have really loved them! So glad you popped over to my little corner of the world for a visit. 💜


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